McNair/Gateway Scholars Program USC

Program Structure

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1st Year Curriculum

Undergraduate Research Methods Course- AMST/EDUC 392 Spring Semester

  • Developing a relationship with a faculty mentor
  • Learning how to write a research proposal
  • Organizing a research topic and question
  • Engaging in and composing a literature review
  • Reviewing research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative
  • Using technology in library research and in data collection and analysis procedures
  • Presenting research via PowerPoints, poster sessions, and in written form via abstracts and papers
  • Individualized, comprehensive advisement: academic, career, and personal, January - May

    Mentoring from faculty, graduate students and professional staff, January - May

    University of California All-Campus Graduate School Fair: UC Edge Program, March

    National Graduate School Fair: California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education, April

    USC Annual Faculty Mentor & Scholar Banquet, April

    USC Summer Research Institute (SRI), May - July

    USC SRI Cultural Events, June

    USC McNair Research Symposium, July

    UC Berkeley McNair Symposium, August

    2nd Year Curriculum

    • Journal Review Board Member Selections
    • Research Paper Journal Publishing Opportunity
    • University Visitation Program
    • Conference Travel Grant Program
    • Referrals to Research and Funding Programs
    • Fall Semester Orientations and Get-togethers
    • New Scholar Recruitment Team
    • Year-round one-on-one Academic and Career Advising