McNair/Gateway Scholars Program USC

The Summer Research Institute

Refer to the information below for an overview on the USC McNair Scholars Program Summer Institute. The institute makes possible the following for USC Undergraduates in the McNair Program: Research Training, Graduate School Preparation, Professional Development, & Mentorship Experiences. Please refer to our program's "Current Scholar" website pages in order to learn about each student's academic profile and research project.

2015 USC Research Gateway - McNair Scholar Summer Institute, Office of Undergraduate Programs

2014 USC McNair Scholar Program Summer Institute, Office of Undergraduate Programs

2013 USC McNair Scholars Program, Summer Institute, USC Office of Undergraduate Programs

2012 USC McNair Scholars Summer Institute, Office of Undergraduate Programs

2011 USC McNair Scholars Summer Research, Graduate School, Mentorship Institute Program

USC McNair Scholars are provided with the opportunity to participate in the Summer Research Institute (SRI), an intense ten-week program designed to promote research skills and graduate school preparation. During the SRI, Scholars work on the research projects that they propose and design under the guidance of faculty mentors and graduate student advisors. Scholars come from virtually all academic disciplines, such as the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, public health, and business. Each Scholar is awarded a $2800 research stipend that is disbursed accordingly over the course of the SRI as program requirements are fulfilled. Scholars are also eligible for program-sponsored summer housing scholarships.

Scholars culminate their SRI experiences by completing a final research paper, organizing a Power Point Presenation, and presenting their research at the USC McNair Symposium. At the end of the SRI, outstanding Scholars are selected and nominated to attend the UC Berkeley McNair Scholars Symposium, a national undergraduate symposium.

In summary, Scholars experience the following during the SRI:

-Independent research

-Research Methods Workshops

-Academic/Scholarly Writing Seminars

-Communication/Presentation Workshops

-Resume/CV Development Sessions

-GRE Preparation

-Special Faculty Presentations

-Special Graduate Student Presentations

-Special McNair Alumni Presentation

-Graduate School Preparation Workshops

-Development of a Graduate School Application Plan

-Cultural Awareness Activities & Educational Field Trips

-Summer-end Research Symposium where students present their research before an audience comprised of USC students, staff, faculty, & other McNair Programs

-Complete a final Research Paper and PowerPoint Presentation

-Students awarded a $2800 stipend and are eligible for program-sponsored housing scholarships