McNair/Gateway Scholars Program USC

Danyel Madrid

Major and Classification

Art History

Faculty Mentor

  • Gloria Orenstein, Ph.D.


  • Comparitive Literature

McNair Project

"Moving in the Magnetic Field: Joan Miro and the Perforated Line in his Surrealist Paintings"

Joan Mir�, a Catalonian artist, had a full and exceedingly rich artistic career. He produced some of the most recognized and cherished works in modern art. Mir� is renowned for his oil paintings created 1923 to 1927, which coincided with his affiliation with the French Surrealists. At this time, Mir� depicted perforated lines in a large number of his Surrealist paintings. The perforated line can be categorized by their two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and temporal function. I shall go into great depths to emphasize the importance of Mir�'s depiction of implied duration as it parallels the liminal nature of Catalonian folklore.